Dr. Philip Kilroy House


Dr. Philip Kilroy House in 1939


240 Longhill Street is known as both the Doctor Phillip Kilroy House and the Congregation of the Mission Covenant, this property was built in 1895 by Dr. Phillip Kilroy on the site of the famous “Storrs Lot” which was the site of the stockaded fortress from where Native Americans loyal to King Phillip (Metacomet) based their attack on Springfield in October 1675.  The site was also one of the first archeological dig sites in the United States with workers excavating the stockaded fortress as well as native skeletal remains.


Kilroy House in the 1980s


 Currently the property has not had any exterior maintenance for about 35 years and is falling into extensive disrepair.


This historic house with wonderful views of the Connecticut River and beyond would make a wonder bed and breakfast.