Walking Tours

ForestParkWalkingTourHere is provided links to PDF versions of walking tours of Downtown, Armory & Quadrangle Area, Maple Hill Historic District, McKnight Historic District, and the Forest Park Heights Historic District. Enjoy!

Downtown Springfield Heritage Tour

Armory & Quadrangle Heritage Tour

A Guide to Maple Hill, Springfield’s 19th Century “Gold Coast” can be printed on legal size paper

A Guide to Victorian Houses in New England’s Largest Garden District – McKnight can be printed on legal size paper

A Guide to Forest Park Heights, Springfield’s Largest “Streetcar Suburb” can be printed on legal size paper

The following two tours were created with the support of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and may be used by schools, parents, or others, with or without students. There are also teacher/discussion questions for each tour. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about the architecture and history of these neighborhoods!Ridgewood cover image for link

Maple Ridgewood Walking Tour

Suggested Questions for Teachers Maple Ridgewood Tour

Quadrangle-Mattoon Walking Tour

Suggested Questions for Teachers Quadrangle Mattoon Tour

The following walking tours were not published by the Springfield Preservation Trust and may be somewhat out of date but there is still a lot of useful information on building history and architecture.

Atwater Park Walking Tour

Downtown Walking Tour

Forest Park Walking Tour

Hungry Hill Walking Tour

Maple Street Walking Tour

Mattoon Street Walking Tour

Pine Point and Boston Road Walking Tour

Quadrangle Mattoon Walking Tour

South End Walking Tour