WPA Image Project

wpapagebannerThe Works Progress Administration was the largest New Deal agency, employing millions to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads, and operated large arts, drama, media and literacy projects. One of these projects undertaken in Springfield was the photographing of every building in the city. This project took place in 1938 & 1939 and represents what the City of Springfield looked like in the years between the Great Depression and World War II. The Springfield Preservation Trust has taken on an effort to digitally scan these images, which are found in the City of Springfield Building Department. The images are organized into albums by street which can be accessed using the links below. When viewing the individual images, click on the info icon in the top right side of the page to see the address information.

Acushnet Avenue
Adams Street
Albany Street NEW
Allen Street
Ames Hill Drive
Amherst Street
Arlington Street
Armory Street
Arthur Street NEW
Ashley Street NEW
Ashmun Street
Atwater Road
Atwater Terrace
Atwood Street NEW
Auburn Street & Alley
Avon Place

Banks Place
Bay Street
Bayonne Street
Bedford Road
Beechwood Avenue
Bellevue Avenue
Belmont Avenue
Berkeley Street & Place
Berkshire Avenue
Blake Hill Street
Bliss Street
Border Street
Boston Road
Bowdoin Street & Terrace
Bowles Street
Boylston Street
Bridge Street
Brigham Street NEW
Broad Street
Brown Street
Buckingham Street & Place
Buena Vista Plaza
Byers Street

Campus Place
Carew Street
Mercy Hospital
Calhoun Street NEW
Caseland & Cunningham Streets NEW
Cass Street
Central Street
Charles Street
Cherry Street
Cherryvale Avenue
Chestnut Street
Springfield (Baystate) Hospital
Churchill Street
Clarendon Street
Clifford Street
Clinton Street
Colony Road
Columbus Avenue
Cornell Street
Court & East Court Street
Crescent Hill
Crestwood Street
Crosby Street NEW
Cross Street & Crossette Lane
Cypress Street

Dale Street
Dartmouth Street & Terrace
Derby Dingle
Dexter Street
Dickinson Street
Donald Street
Dorchester Street
Dwight Street 
Dwight Street Extension
Dymon Street NEW

Eastern Avenue
Eddy Street
Edwards Street
Elliot Street
Elm Street
Elmwood Street
Emery Street
Essex Street

Fairfield Street
Federal Street
Ferry Street
Firglade Avenue
Florentine Gardens
Florida Street
Forest Park Avenue
Fort Pleasant Avenue
Franklin Street
Fremont Street
Frost Street

Gardner Street
Garfield Street
George Street
Geraldine Court
Girard Avenue
Glenn Road
Grant Street
Green Lane
Greenleaf Street
Griffin Street

Hampden Street
Hancock Street
Hanover Street
Harvard Street
Hawley Street
Hickory Street
High Street
Hillman Street
Hillside Place
Holyoke Street
Homer Street
Howard Street & Place
Hubbard Avenue

Ingersoll Grove
Ingraham Terrace

James Street NEW
Jefferson Street NEW

Knox Street

Lafayette Street
Laurence Street
Liberty Street
Lillian Street NEW
Lincoln Street
Litchfield Street
Locust Street
Lombard Street
Longhill Street
Loring Street
Lyman Street

Madison Avenue
Magazine Street
Magnolia Terrace
Main Street
Main Street – Indian Orchard
Malden Street
Maple Street & Court
Maplewood Terrace
Marble Street
Marengo Park
Margaret Street
Marion Street
Market Street
Marvin Street
Massasoit Place NEW
Mattoon Street
Maynard Street
McKnight Street
Meltzer Street
Mercy Hospital
Meredith Street NEW
Middle Street
Mill Street
Monmouth Street
Montpelier Street
Morris Street
Mountainview Street
Mulberry Street
Myrtle Street

Narragansett Street NEW
Newbury Street
Niagara Street
Norwood Street
Nottingham Street

Oak Street NEW
Oakland Street
Orange Street
Oswego Street
Oxford Street

Page Boulevard
Palmer Avenue
Park Drive
Park Street
Parallel Street
Pearl Street & Pearl Street Place
Phoenix Street NEW
Pine Street
Pine Street Court
Pineywoods Avenue
Plainfield Street
Pleasant Street
Plumtree Road
Princeton Street
Pynchon Street

Randolph Street
Richelieu Street & Place
Ridgewood Place & Terrace
Ripley Place
Riverside Street NEW
Riverview Street
Riverview Terrace
Roosevelt Avenue
Russell Street NEW
Rutledge Avenue

Salem Street
Sanford Street
Saratoga Street
School Street
Sharon Street NEW
Shefford Street
Sherman Street
Spring Street
Springfield Hospital
Springfield Street
Spruceland Avenue
St. James Avenue
State Street
State Street Terrace
Stearns Square
Sterns Terrace
Stockbridge Street
Suffolk Street NEW
Sumner Avenue

Taylor Street
Temple Street
Thomas Street NEW
Thompson Street

Union Street

Vassar Street
Vernon Street

Wait Street NEW
Walnut Court NEW
Walnut Street
Warner Street
Warriner Avenue
Washington Boulevard
Washington Road
Weaver Road
Wellesley Street
Wendell Place
Westernview Street
Westminster Street
Wheeler Avenue
White Street
Whitney Place
Wilbraham Road
Wilcox Street
Windsor Street
William Street
Willow Street
Winter Street
Winthrop Street
Worthington Street

Yale Street
York Street